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Scan Multiple Documents At One Time Using Canon MP Navigator Ex Scan for Windows / Macintosh.  

Description listed below is supplied an instance utilizing MP Navigator EX for Windows. Note: The complying with file kind will be neither cropped neither checked.

  • Documents smaller than 1 inch (30 mm) square.
  • Photographs that have been cut to various shapes.

The complying with file kinds might not be cropped precisely; check the files one at a time. When scanning a solitary file, constantly make certain to line up the file to the arrowhead on the platen glass. After putting a file, define the file dimension on the application side to suit with the real file dimension.

If there is no matching size, select the size larger than the actual documents.

  • Photographs that have an overall whitish appearance.
  • Photographs that have a whitish background.
  • Documents other than photographs (especially documents printed on white paper, hand-written text, business card, etc.).
1. Place the scanning side of the document facing down on the platen glass.
10 small documents can be scanned at once.
Memo: Maintain greater than 3/8 inch (1cm) in between the files, and the files and the side of the platen glass. If files are put on an angle much less compared to 10 levels, the files will be checked after automated adjustment is carried out.
  1. Select PDF from the One-click Mode screen to open the PDF dialog box.
  2. From the first drop-down, select the type of document you want to scan. You must choose the document type that matches what you will scan.

  3. Select the file type you want to use to save the scanned image. To save more than one item to a file, select PDF(Multiple Pages).
     Select the Set button to set the PDF compression type, or to apply other advanced settings to the file.

  4. Place the first original on the scanner and Select Scan.

  5. When the scan completes, place the next document on the scanner and select Scan again. Repeat as necessary until all items scan.
  6. After all scans complete, select Exit. The app program that displays PDF files will open to your newly scanned file.

Select from the following PDF file types: 

When multiple images are selected, each image is saved as a separate PDF file.
PDF(Multiple Pages)
Multiple images are saved in one PDF file.
PDF(Add Page)
Selected images are added to a specified PDF file. The images are added to the end of the PDF file. You cannot rearrange pages of the PDF file to which images are added.
You can select only PDF files created with MP Navigator EX, MP Navigator or CanoScan Toolbox. You cannot select PDF files created with other applications. PDF files edited in other applications cannot be selected as well.
Memo:  PDF ( Multiple Pages ) is displayed when multiple images are selected.
Canon MP Navigator Ex Scanning multiple documents at one time is completed. Source
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